Hi and welcome to WA5TCZ.Com.


Hello all my name is Darron Sanchez my call is WA5TCZ.


Welcome to my new web page designed and published

by my Daughter Melanie Sanchez.


Special thanks goes out to my Daughter Dodie Cutrer
for taking pictures for my featured Article "The Elusive Airchamp 200".


My Novice license was issued on August, 25, 1967 as WN5TCZ.


General Class License

Around November 1968 - finally passed the General test and was

on the air. As you know the "N" is dropped when you up-grade,

and my call was changed to WA5TCZ.


Extra Class License

Some time in 1986 I took the extra class license test and passed.

I now hold the Extra Class License.


I have held the call for 47 years and have never been off the air.
I hope you enjoy the travel through a truly unique and interesting hobby.


My daughter Melanie and I are excited to launch our redesign of the website. This marks the nineth year WA5TCZ.com has been online,

with over 1500 visitors and counting.



WA5TCZ.com was originally built as a site that paid tribute to the “Sucker Stick Transmitter”. The tribute to the little transmitter is still depicted here along with the plans to build the transmitter.

There are radios I have built, and articles I have written that were published on ham websites and in Magazines.


My latest article is "The Elusive Airchamp 200".

Here is what readers have to say about it:

"You must be a Famous Author" - Gloria Sanchez


"Thanks Darron, great article!! Kinda reminds me of my quest

to get my GR-64 4 tube Heathkit SW receiver that I built

when I was a kid." - Dave Mehrl AF5DM


"Great job on your article! It is really quite a thrill to revive

these old and sometimes obscure pieces of equipment and

make them play again." - Jack C. Shutt W9GT


"It brought me back to my eleventh year when introduced to

an 'Air Champ 100." - Bruce AB7YD


The new site shows how I grew with the changing times in a great hobby and the wonderful friends and Elmer’s I’ve met along the

47 year path of the greatest hobby in the world.


Please take some time to look around.

I hope you enjoy.



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